Sgt.Mighty's Application

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Sgt.Mighty's Application Empty Sgt.Mighty's Application

Post by Sgt.Mighty on Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:35 pm

What is your in-game nick? Sgt.Mighty
How old are you? 14
Where are you from? Finland
What is your Steam ID or link to your steam profile?
Do you have a mic? Yes, somewhere. I haven't really used it.
Communicate well enough in English? Yes
Why do you play RnL? Because its challenging, fun to play and realistic.
How experienced RnL player are you? Discovered this game in 2009 January, played it a while and then had a break. Started playing again during 2010 summer.
Have read the concept of the clan and found it interesting? Yes
What made you check this team out in the first place? Well i saw Atkins and Snuffeldjuret in it. It's also nice that it isn't that serious (no scheduled trainings etc..)
What is the main thing you would like to do with the other team members or within the team? Well mostly play RnL, im not really a mapper.

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Sgt.Mighty's Application Empty Re: Sgt.Mighty's Application

Post by Atkins on Sun Oct 17, 2010 3:52 pm

Sounds good. Age is not a problem if u have behave and so far you have done that.
You are here by accepted to the team as a trial member and you can add [gr9?] tag to ur name when you play.

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