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The idea of the team Empty The idea of the team

Post by Snuffeldjuret on Tue Jan 26, 2010 8:43 pm

We are still discussing these things, so anything can change. But this is "what we've got this far".

Team [gr9] is a European based relaxed non-realism clan/team for RnL-players that want to have fun within and around the mod. We are looking for more members to get things rolling so if you find the Q&A-section below interesting, feel free to join us at

Important to not misstake non-realism for anti-realism btw =).

What do we do?

* We mostly play together and against each other in public, making "the best of it".
* We play fair, but more tactical rather than "hard-core realistic".
* We talk about everything related to RnL and the team at our and the official forum.
* We participate in "public realism events" and help out if needed, even if achieving realism is not our main goal.
* We treat people who deserve it with respect and do our best to maintain a high level of maturity, while not forgetting this is a game and we are all supposed to have fun playing it!

What do we want to do more?

* We want to get public gaming to a higher level.
* We want to play internal matches.
* We want to play matches against other teams.
* We will have voluntary trainings for the members who want that.

What we don't do!

* We don't hack/cheat or exploit/abuse bugs/glitches.
* We don't act childish or mic/chat spam etc.
* e try to not annoy others in-game for our own enjoyment.
* ...or dishonor the team in any other way.

How do we do things?

* We have a pretty laid back approach, focusing on you having opportunities with the team rather than obligations (which are pretty much just to be nice and helpful in-game).
* Time is not the essence. You play as you would normally and if on top of that you want something 'extra', you can choose to do so.
* Generally we want a kind of a democratic atmosphere. The team is created and designed to mainly fit the desire of all the members.
* Although we can be quite serious when it comes to tactical team-play =).
* We encourage people rather than trying to force them to become more capable soldiers in battle.
* We are supposed to be "internet-friends", and friends do not order each other around. So we don't enforce any strict chain-of-command. We are not supposed to follow any orders, we are supposed to want and be able to listen to good suggestions of what to do in-game.

Who are we looking for?

* We want friendly Europeans who want to do one or some of the things mentioned above.
* Mature and "preferably 17+ year old", but there are no problems if you are younger as long as you are clearly mature enough! =).
* People who are not totally new to the game

How can you join us?

* Introduce yourself at our forums at and post an Application.
* Play with us in-game and we will invite you to join us if you are a good chap

Additional "information"

What is gr9? What does it mean? It is a tongue-in-cheek name for RnL-team which reminds some military name but is not one. It is just a great name. Actually it is better then great if u think about it.

The main point with all this is that there should be no reason for you to not join this team, unless you desire to "pursuit realism" and have the time for it (a.k.a. join realism unit).

I bet this thread makes us look more serious than we are. But don't be afraid, we are very relaxed and laid back bunch of people =).

Link to our steam group:

Thanks for reading, hope to see you there and don't hesitate to reply if you have any questions =).

/team [gr9], formerly known as team [WIP]

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